Polls coming up in May, Still Political Hydrama In Karnataka

As Few months ago(in 2007)  the coalition government in Karnataka fell following a hydrama over power transfer leadig to by-elections in May 2008, where the State was in Presidents rule over for 5 months.

But now the hot dealings is with political parties is running high for getting ticket fromm their respective parties, though the date for submission of nomination has started. 

Many political parties have given tickets to many of rowdies, criminals with exception to some eminent leaders over. JDS has many of the candidates supportig to this matter, and still BJP and Comgress is not away from.

Many leaders who were on the list for tickets have turned off towords their own party leaders when they got to know that they have no donuts even after working for their parties for many years, instead tickets were given to new comers from some other parties.

But we have to look close on this matter as the polotical parties giving most of their tickets to inefficients and anti socialists, who are wanting to win as MLA’s for their own mejesty and money, but not for welfare of the constiuency. Care to be taken while choosing a right person to be as our representitive.

After all all this elections, politics are going on for us, the common people, we should use over precious power of VOTING for a right person. But mind set of political parties is that they can push up any one through their party name and having dreams on water bubble that their party is going to represent majority in Vidhana Soudha.

This will be the initial final verdict of the state politics, that who wins the elections. Then the final verdict will be how they’ll rule for next five years. This will impress the people of karnataka to decide whom they want in power for atleast next two decades. Please VOTE, for a RIGHT cause.


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