The date for nomination for Ist stage of elections ended, and nominations for IInd and IIIrd stages are going on, yet some major political party leaders are changing there colours with different parties, or threatening the party by blackmailing of giving resignation only the major reason is didn’t get B-form from party or neglecting their recommendations on issuing party tickets. But what is going on their mind?, do they think they can win over by getting a certain party ticket ?, don’t they have their own personality and popularity in their constituencies where they can win over their popularity and or good fame?. Definitely the party name can turn voters towords them but its not more than 20%, people will (and should) look after the background of the candidate and even the party because we are giving them power, our votes make them power full, unless they are of no power or word. voters are supreme, that is we are supreme.

 They should even think that will they get majority of votes though they have an uncultures life way in politics?. But in politics worst things are common as we are the living witness for it, politicains most of them are currupt and uneducated,uncultured, selfish persons, with no proper view on future world and of welfare plans for state/ country. There are some exceptions for that, really. But people make mistake by not choosing them as their represintitive. We have experienced what will happen if power goes to corrupt, monopolised and selfish party people. Both in central and state. But lets choose an firm and holy(!) goverment this time. As we have heard politicians saying “we will give water, we will make roads, we will create jobs, we will provide power supply…………..”, and still in 2008 they have continued to say this. Remember this this “WE WILL GIVE….” words are coming from the people(party) who have ruled(ruined) the state from and for many decades. So we need to change in choosing of representitives atleast now to save our state and country from internal political terrorists.



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